nothing beats a hangover on a day with 100% humidity

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saw Russian Circles and MONO live in Tokyo

there’s always a really crazy-electric feeling i get when I realize I can drink alcohol at a party, and not worry about drunk drivers or drunk driving.
Hopping on a train, or being able to walk home is something I’ll miss while back on the island

Caught myself grumbling “why doesn’t Lawson have avocado” what a spoiled japan moment

I met a man tonight, and although I don’t care to meet him again or know any more of his story, what he said to me will bring me back to Japan.
Simply put, “Japan would be lucky to have you” and that was it. The reconfirmation from the universe I had been waiting for.

i’ve attempted to finish this book probably 6 or 7 times but can’t pass chapter 9 without starting on another novel in it’s place

" Nothing is more destructive to a community, to creativity, than the desire to be seen as a good person and the deceptions that are mobilized to make that happen. "

Stephen Berg
The Poetry Does Not Matter


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